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Data Destruction Services

Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction in Hampton Roads Doesn’t Just Require a Shredder. It Requires a Secure, End-to-End Process. And That’s What Securis Hampton Roads Delivers.

Over the last decade, Securis has performed electronics recycling and certified data destruction services–both onsite and at our secure Hampton Roads facility–for hundreds of organizations.

Join the ranks of satisfied Securis clients, from government agencies and government contractors to financial services, healthcare firms and mission-critical data centers. Whether you deal in information technology or professional services, Securis Hampton Roads has the right equipment, security and certifications you need to make a safe, smart choice for your hard drive shredding and secure computer disposal.

Classified Data Destruction Traditional Shredder in progress

Securis’ services meet all Federal regulatory standards, are GSA-approved and have earned numerous industry certifications for security and environmental responsibility. We take every certification seriously, and your operations will always be verified and validated throughout Virginia.

A truly comprehensive approach to secure and responsible data and IT asset destruction includes all of the elements below:

  • Electronic Media Shredding: On Site and Off-Site
  • Degaussing: Onsite and Off-Site
  • Classified Data Destruction
  • IT Asset Auditing & Reporting
  • Secure Chain of Custody
  • Securis Certifications & Compliance

The Securis Hampton Roads facility provides data destruction and IT recycling services for companies and agencies in Williamsburg, , , Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake.

Here’s just a little more about the services Securis Hampton Roads can offer you.

Hard Drive Shredding Where You Need It

Securis provides a comprehensive of end-to-end IT asset disposal and hard drive shredding service, whether you need on-site support or prefer processing in our secure facilities. We can shred thousands of pounds of metal and plastic each hour.

Some of the key elements of our hard-drive shredding include:

  • A Zero Landfill recycling plan we create with you.
  • Full inventory tagging and recording based on serial number, whether you’re recycling or destroying.
  • Complete inventory auditing and certification of destruction.
  • Full supply chain visibility with options for review and transport via Securis GPS-tracked trucks.

End-of-Life IT Asset Destruction

When your electronics are no longer viable, consider a full asset destruction and recycling program that allows you to remain a good steward of customer information and the planet.

With the quiet, quick and secure computer disposal and other IT asset destruction services from Securis Hampton Roads, you can be sure that your equipment is properly processed.

We strive to deliver a complete asset destruction package and can process traditional equipment like cell phones and hard drives, plus specialized and industry-specific equipment. When your propriety devices reach their end-of-life, turn to Securis Hampton Roads to keep your trade secrets safe during the destruction and disposal process.

Degaussing and Microshredding

When you want complete electronics recycling and secure computer disposal, it’s the fine details that matter. That’s why Securis of Hampton Roads offers a variety of options to ensure your data and assets are completely destroyed.

Two of our top processes are degaussing and microshredding. Degaussing involves specialized machinery that scrambles data stored on magnetic tapes so you achieve certified data destruction that cannot be retrieved through any means.

Microshredding adds another layer to security by catching and destroying everything that can contain any information. Many of our competitors use machinery that cannot properly dispose of the small solid state drives, flash drives, SIM and micro SD cards in many common electronics. By using a microshredder, we’re able to offer a complete on-site data destruction.

No matter how big or small the job is, Securis of Virginia can handle your request.

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